Women Who Influence

A collection of 29 influential stories to inspire your soul’s journey. In this special edition cover, dive into co-author Tonya Harris’ story. A childhood cancer survivor and an award-winning environmental toxin expert, Tonya’s own health journey and the health journey of her children have led to her mission of educating parents on the effects toxins can have on their children. She’s an advocate for keeping detoxifying life simple, and shows parents how even small changes can have a massive impact on their family’s health.

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Henry the Flying Squirrel

When Henry’s friends found out he could fly, they made fun of him because he was different. But when the forest caught on fire, his difference saved their lives. Henry’s friends quickly discovered what makes you different can be your superpower!

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Safer Brands to Buy Guide

The ultimate downloadable guide to over 250 non-toxic products…including quarterly updates!



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