Do You Really Need a Separate Sunscreen for your Kids?

May 31, 2017

Hi there, and welcome to What’s In It Wednesday. My name is Tonya Harris for those of you that don’t know me and I just want to welcome you if this is your first time. I’m the founder of, and my mission is to help parents discover the common toxins in their home that are affecting their family’s health. The reason for that is I’m a childhood cancer survivor, I was diagnosed actually in 1982 at the age of seven with leukemia. This is actually my 35 year anniversary and I’m having a golf outing in September, no, August to celebrate. Just thought I’d throw that in there because I’ve been working on it all day and I’m super excited.  There’s so many chemicals in sunscreens that can lead to thyroid disruption, endocrine disruption, and disrupt the hormones. There’s actually penetration enhancers in some of these that can actually help all of the ingredients soak in quicker to the skin, and some of those ingredients we don’t necessarily want in our bodies.

Show Notes

(6:00) Two of the different types of sunscreens. There’s chemical and then there’s mineral. The chemical is the one that has those active ingredients, you’ll typically avobenzone and oxybenzone, that type of thing. Or you’ll see something on the front that’ll say helioplex. Those are common ones, that’s just a proprietary formula that the sunscreen company uses.

(6:30) The safer one are the mineral sunscreens. These are the ones that protect with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide

(10:00) Octisalate is important to mention because it can cause allergic reactions, especially in those with salicylate allergies or sensitivities. I work with a lot of parents whose children have ADHD and behavioral issues and a lot of them choose to avoid salicylates.

(16:00) Where do you buy the safe brands? Oh, that’s a great question. You can buy them online, Goddess Garden Organics I’ve seen at Walgreens. I used to see it at Target but the last time I went to Target I didn’t see it. True Kid I believe is out there too, but a lot of these are actually on Amazon. Another great one is Vitacost, they usually have things at a great price and that’s online. Mexitan, I think, is online only. Badger you can usually buy at a regular store or a health food store too, I’ve seen it in there.