Why Wait?

Detox your home in less than a day!

Want to get the VIP treatment AND detox your home more quickly?

Then this is the plan for you! Through Skype, we will go through the major areas of your home – the kitchen (pantry & fridge), bathroom (personal care products & cosmetics), and your cleaning products – and we’ll look at the products you’re concerned about the most, as well as your most frequently used.

Don’t let that 4 hours scare you! We’ll get breaks and a lunch break, so you won’t feel overwhelmed! We’ll take an hour for each of those three main sections, and then we’ll have a Q & A with the last hour. This VIP package also comes with a one-hour follow-up session that you can use when you need it, after you’ve had a chance to go through your home and implement any changes we discussed.

Here’s what you’ll get in this Instant Action VIP Day:

  • 3 Modules of the Healthy Home, Healthy Kids program, including all the cheat sheets and guides
  • A half-day (4 hours) of one-on-one consultation time with me
  • One follow-up 60-minute consultation to be used when you need it
  • A recording of each call to re-listen to at your convenience
  • A guide with your own unique Action Plan for you and your family, with simple substitutions, safer brands to buy, and the toxins to prioritize to get rid of first

What you’ll leave with:

  • A better understanding of the toxins in our everyday products that are harming our family’s health
  • How to look for hidden toxins on ingredient labels
  • The peace of mind of knowing that you protecting the health of your family, now and in the future.
  • A list of the toxins you should remove first, depending on your family’s unique needs.

How it works:

  • We’ll start at 9 or 10 am, depending on the your time zone
  • We’ll go through Zone 1 first – your kitchen, spending one hour going through your food and beverages, especially those you have the most questions about. We’ll read labels for hidden toxins and we’ll talk about safer brands to buy and simple substitutions.   TOTAL TIME: 60 MINUTES
  • 20 Minute Break
  • Next up is Zone 2 – your bathroom (personal care and cleaning products). We’ll read labels for hidden toxins and we’ll talk about safer brands to buy and simple substitutions. We’ll also look at the products you and your children use most, and look at replacing those first. TOTAL TIME: 60 MINUTES 
  • 40-Minute Lunch Break
  • Last is Zone 3 – your cleaning products. You’ll learn some of the common chemicals in your conventional cleaning products and their health effects. We’ll go through your most-used cleaning products and discuss safer brands or even DIY recipes (they’re easier than you think!). TOTAL TIME: 60 MINUTES
  • 20-Minute Break (optional)
  • Q & A & Wrap Up (60 Minutes)