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I’m Tonya Harris, a proud mom of three, a childhood cancer survivor, an award-winning toxin expert, and the founder of
Slightly Greener.™

Once upon a time, I was a super busy mom of 3, juggling a million things like we all do, and wearing full-on toxic makeup and enjoying the occasional box of Milk Duds (spoiler alert: I haven’t completely given either of these up) . But my journey towards a healthier and more toxin-free home began with a phone call that changed everything.

Back in 2006, I received a call from my son’s second-grade teacher. She wanted to test him for attention issues, and maybe because I’m a a childhood cancer survivor always being told “be careful what you eat,” I thought maybe it was something in our diet that could be contributing to his symptoms.

A few weeks later, after removing two simple ingredients from his diet, his symptoms had decreased to the point where the school no longer wanted to test him, and I was hooked on a more natural approach.

I delved into more research, and I realized It wasn’t just about what we ate—it was also the products we used on our skin and the toxins we were unknowingly breathing in. 

But here’s the kicker: I thought I was making safer choices by buying those seemingly eco-friendly, “natural” products. Little did I know, those labels could be deceiving, hiding hidden toxins in plain sight. 

I decided I had to get rid of everything. But one night as I sat on the floor throwing cleaning products into a bag and wondering, “how am I ever going to replace all this, and with what?!” I realized I driving myself crazy, getting burned out and creating a lifestyle we hated. 

But then I thought, what if instead of changing everything, I could start small with a couple of ingredients linked to attention issues, which was our main concern at the time, and then build on from there?  That way I wasn’t replacing all our food and everyday items – which isn’t doable by the way – 10/10 don’t recommend. 

That’s how my company, Slightly Greener, came to life. It became a trusted ally for parents who wanted to create healthier havens for their families. I knew the struggles we all faced and wanted to make it simple and doable because, let’s face it, we’re all crazy busy.

Parents from all walks of life joined my community, sharing incredible stories of how implementing my small steps made a huge difference in the lives of their families.

Slightly Greener became more than just a company—it became a trusted friend, a beacon of hope, and an empowering force. Little did I know back in 2006 that my personal journey would turn into a movement (and a book!), inspiring families to take small, achievable steps towards healthier, more toxin-free homes. Because in the end, it’s the little things that add up to something amazing.

So, if you’re a super busy mom or dad who wants to make a difference without feeling overwhelmed, I’m here for you. I will be here cheering you on, and showing you that a healthier, toxin-free home is within reach—one small step at a time.

Education & Certifications

  • Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition, Hawthorn University
  • Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®
  • Environmental Toxicity Specialist certification from the Integrative Medicine Academy
  • Certificate in Environmental Health: An Integrative Approach, from the University of Arizona’s™ Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Certificate in Nutritional Strategies to Prevent and Manage Autism Spectrum Disorder, Hawthorn University
  • Aromatherapy & Health Certificate from the University of Arizona’s™ Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
  • Speaker-trained on the health implications of GMOs from Jeffrey Smith; Institute of Responsible Technology
  • Wellness Within Your Walls® Certified Professional


Tonya Harris

I’ve done thousands of hours of research – and went back to school – so that I could understand how these toxic chemicals can affect the body. I’ve researched what labels mean, what hidden toxins could be lurking on a label (that aren’t required to be listed in the ingredients), and much more.

What I’ve come up with is a streamlined system that has helped thousands of families (including my own) reduce toxic chemicals in in their homes, and I can help you, too.


Professional Bio

Tonya Harris is an award-winning environmental toxin expert, the founder of Slightly Greener and the creator of the Slightly Greener Method™, offering busy moms simple solutions to reduce toxins without turning their lifestyle upside-down.

As a childhood leukemia survivor and mother of three (including one with multiple learning disabilities), Tonya helps parents learn how toxins in the home can affect their family’s health. In addition to Board certification and a Master’s degree in holistic nutrition, she holds multiple certificates in the environmental health field.

Tonya has been featured in Parents, Reader’s Digest, Martha Stewart Living, Bustle, Business Insider, and MindBodyGreen, and has appeared on TV shows across the country such as Great Day Washington, Good Morning Cincinnati, Good Day Charlotte, CBS New York, KTLA, and The Dr. Oz Show for her expertise in environmental toxins and holistic nutrition.

She is also the author of The Slightly Greener Method: Detoxing Your Home is Easier Faster, and Less Expensive Than You Think, published by Sourcebooks, and is the podcast host of The Slightly Greener Life.