Healthy Snack Ideas to Beat Hyperactivity

June 28, 2023

Are your kids bouncing off the walls after devouring colorful snacks? What they’re eating could be fueling their hyperactivity. Now that they’re home for the summer, making it easy for them to grab snacks all day long, why not make the snacks convenient AND healthy!

In this episode of the Slightly Greener Life podcast, I’ll dish all about ingredients to avoid for hyperactivity, such as artificial colors, benzoate preservatives, and MSG, and how to optimally eat for brain health – curbing hyperactivity and behavior problems!

It turns out that FDA-approved synthetic food dyes may not single-handedly cause ADHD, they do seem to have a knack for triggering hyperactivity. Watch out for artificial colors lurking in sodas, snacks, cereals, and even toothpaste! 

And they’re not as easy to find on the label. Some are listed by their common name, such as Tartrazine (for Yellow #5), rather than simply looking for a color followed by a number on a label.

Listen to last week’s episode to find out all the ways to find artificial colors on the label, plus the undesirable health effects they’re linked to.

But fear not, colorings like turmeric, beta carotene, beets, and saffron are natural flavorings that are not linked to hyperactivity. 

Benzoate preservatives, such as sodium and potassium benzoate, are like the annoying sidekicks to artificial colors. Studies have found that when they’re consumed together, kids were restless, fidgety, and talking/interrrupting too much. These sneaky preservatives can be found in fizzy drinks, flavored water, and even innocent-looking soy sauce. 

Monosodium glutamate, aka MSG, is a common troublemaker in processed foods. It doesn’t just mess with your taste buds; it can wreak havoc on memory, cognitive functions, and behavioral control. Found in chips, dressings, soups, and even those innocent-looking spices, MSG is a mastermind of mischief. 

So what can a parent do?

Listen to this episode to find out optimal ways to eat that keeps blood sugar levels steady, and that contains brain-boosting proteins, plus examples for healthy snacks and healthy ways to start the day.

No more energy crashes or “hangry” episodes (yes, hangry is a real response in the body!) leading to concentration meltdowns and impulsive outbursts. 


Healthy Snack Ideas