4 Simple tips for a Healthy Home Jumpstart

The Slightly Greener Life | Episode 12

June 7, 2023

Welcome to The Slightly Greener Life, episode 12!

In today’s episode, we’re going to dig into four simple steps you can take that will make a big impact when it comes to reducing harmful chemicals in your home – without the overwhelm.

We don’t have to be perfect about it – and honestly we can’t be. We can’t avoid every single harmful chemical, but we can take steps to reduce our exposure when we can. We have more control than we think we do!

And I think that’s very refreshing, because I don’t know about you, but I thought I had to be perfect when I was first starting out. I was going to have the perfect, as-few-toxic-chemicals-as-can-be-house, and everything was going to be great.

Not so much.

Once I started getting rid of foods and make up I thought I had to, I was freaking out what I had left – almost nothing. And forget about cleaning products – that threw me over the edge. You might remember me talking about crying on the floor in front of my cabinet under the sink, just tossing toxic cleaners into a garbage bag, wondering now what am I going to do? And how on earth am I going to replace all his stuff without going broke?

I drove myself and my family crazy and I was building a lifestyle we resented.

But luckily, I went through that so I can be here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way-and it shouldn’t.

Whether you’re just starting out or you have been consistently buying safer products and detoxing your home, today’s tips will help you free up even more of your time.

What are the questions I’m ask most is what are the smaller steps I can take to get the biggest results when it comes to detoxing my home? Well, I believe there are four main steps you can take end, and whether you do one or two at a time, or do them all end, it can have a big impact on your families health.

And they are steps that once you take you are really done. These are things that set up a few main areas of your home to be as non-toxic as possible.

Listen to this episode of the The Slightly Greener Life podcast above, and then grab the free guide below, with more info on all the steps!

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